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Electric strikes are essential to maintain functionality of card access systems, intercoms and various other door systems. When they fail or stop working, the whole system is rendered unresponsive. So who should you call to help? Our technicians are trained to work on all kinds of low voltage strikes while also having the ability to diagnose and solve potential lock issues. Why call multiple people to get something fixed when you can have a technician solving every issue without playing the “finger pointing” game? Regardless of what type of lock is currently on the door, we have the electric strike solution for it.
If you are looking to install an electric strike system, we can help! Our qualified team will come out and diagnosis the doors and give you a detailed quote for installing a full system, from beginning to end, with no middle man. We will install the strike, wire,card access, intercom (video or audio), closer and of course, the locks! We’ll even make you some extra duplicate keys when the job is complete.

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One Key For Every Door


Simi Valley Lock & Key locksmiths provide master key systems in Simi Valley as a part of our wide range of commercial locksmith services. A master key system is easy to use and an excellent way to have total control over your keys.


When you have a master key system in place, your employees are given the needed access to the areas of your business you’ve pre-approved, while keeping the other areas secure for your peace of mind. We can come to your business and rekey your existing locks so that one key works every door, which will help keep costs down as you will not need to replace any expensive hardware.
While you are in possession of the grand master key to open all your doors, your employees will be given only the keys they need to get into the areas you want them to have access to. A main benefit of a master key system is that it can be altered to meet your specific needs with whatever level of access you wish to implement. For instance, you may give warehouse workers a key that only allows them in their work area but not into the part of your building where your offices are. Master key systems are versatile, reliable and by far, one of the best ways to keep your building safe while maintaining total control over employee access.
You can even set up your master key system on a high-security key way if you wish. This will give you the assurance of knowing your keys are not being duplicated without your consent. It will also help you and your managers keep better track of every key you’ve issued. This option is easy to implement and our locksmiths will do a complete walk-through with you to ensure it is setup correctly.

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